Novus Marketing Travels to Glasgow for Leadership Conference

Select Novus Marketing business consultants were invited to meet with industry leaders in Glasgow for a weekend conference. Megan Ward, the firm's Owner, discussed the traits that make an entrepreneur successful.

One of the many advantages to being part of the community at Novus Marketing is the educational tools available to business consultants that they can use to progress their ventures. From learning materials to workshops and seminars, entrepreneurs within this network have every resource necessary to succeed in customer acquisitions, including this recent leadership retreat in Glasgow.

The people invited to attend had recently hit their first major milestones as business owners. The conference was designed to share the latest techniques and strategies being used by top producers in the industry, and also provided consultants with the chance to see just how much opportunity exists for motivated professionals in the field of customer acquisitions. Everyone returned home from the journey excited to move forward on achieving their professional goals.

Leadership Traits the Novus Marketing Training Programme Cultivates

One of the most important talents that someone who joins the network within Novus Marketing can have is the ability to think outside the box, a skill that is developed through further education. The logic is simple; those who are innovative acquire new and exciting techniques, and those who are continually learning are growing as people and professionals. 

Entrepreneurs who are serious about building their own businesses also know the value of seeking counsel. Not all experience has to be personal: using the knowledge that others have gained shows wisdom and character. By making coaches available, Novus Marketing establishes a system by which contractors can quickly realise their growth potential.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages that comes with affiliation with Novus Marketing is the firm’s upbeat culture. Megan, the firm’s Owner, models the right mind-set by showing positivity and enthusiasm for her work, and this influences the way in which everyone approaches their individual objectives. This environment is ideal for people to recharge their motivation and then apply that energy to their businesses. An optimistic attitude is a key asset for entrepreneurs, as the first step to accomplishing any worthwhile goal is believing in the possibility of its fulfilment.

These traits are among those that Megan and select consultants possess that put them in position to attend the Glasgow meeting. With the increased momentum they gained from the event, they’re sure to achieve even greater recognition in the future.

About Novus Marketing:

Novus Marketing partners with firms of all sizes, from start-ups to global giants, to deliver exceptional customer acquisition results. Each outreach campaign positions company messaging for maximum visibility through a reliable and professional on-the-ground presence. Entrepreneurs within this community can take advantage of a full range of learning resources to progress their individual businesses, as they learn the basics needed to grow their customer bases and achieve sustainable outcomes. Independent contractors within the network collaborate and learn from each other as well as from coaches who have realised success in this industry. Together they achieve rapid and reliable results for the companies they represent. Learn more about how Novus Marketing is delivering excellence by visiting

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