Novus Marketing Heads to Belfast

Megan Ward, the Director of Operations at Novus Marketing, discussed the firm's expansion into Belfast, Ireland in the coming months. She also highlighted the emphasis on goal setting that enables the company's ongoing growth.

The months of April and May promise to be exciting ones around the Novus Marketing workspace as the Belfast expansion takes shape. Ward added that Alec will be leading this venture, and she has full confidence in his ability to maximise the potential this bustling market offers. A strong on-the-ground presence will be in place as soon as the new branch is up and running.

The largest city in Northern Ireland, Belfast boasts a population of nearly 350,000, with almost double that number in its metropolitan area. Ward noted that this will provide plenty of new targets to reach with Novus Marketing’s innovative in-person approach. The city’s fast-growing economy promises plenty of opportunities for consultants to shine.

Novus Marketing’s Director of Operations on the Value of Aggressive Goals

Contractors who work in the Novus Marketing shared environment have access to all the learning resources they need to reach their professional ceilings. A huge part of doing so is setting ambitious targets for growth. Ward explained that business consultants must learn that the status quo isn’t enough to maintain meaningful success. With progressively higher benchmarks to attain, contractors around the network have no trouble staying motivated over the long haul.

Ward also explained that having well-defined objectives in place allows people to effectively organise their efforts. The workspace here is an efficient one because consultants know exactly what they’re pursuing and what steps must be completed to do so. With this opportunity, it’s easy for the network of contractors to make the proper adjustments to their methods and stay on the path to long-term success.

The Novus Marketing Director stated that creating clear visions of winning results also helps professionals stay motivated to reach their highest aspirations. Contractors who are part of the network are encouraged to start each project with the desired result in mind. Ward explained that this is an ideal way to identify the most effective action steps that will lead to steady progress. 

Expanding into Belfast is a direct result of the type of ambitious goal setting that occurs around and within Novus Marketing. The Director concluded that this commitment to setting the bar higher is certain to lead to future expansion.

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